SandyDrank: Phillips Polaris Milk Stout

Well, I am drinking.

I had an awesome milk stout from Denmark a few weeks back, so when I saw this offering from Phillips, I knew I had to give it a shot. I’m a big fan of the blue buck, so I was on board for something new.  In general, I love a good BC beer.

Let’s get something straight, I have no idea how to properly talk about beer. This will not be formal.

polaris milk stout

So, obviously I first read the bottle. I’m a big believer in reading bottles. Then I headed to the website. They have photos.

What I thought…

You can definitely taste the chocolate and coffee notes- not something I got in the other milk stout (This is a low sample pool and probably a bad way to start a blog.) Like I said, I suck about talking about beer. I tend to judge beer as either is it good, or is it not. This is good. It’s a light stout, and I’m very much behind the smoothness.

I want to drink lots of this, but I also want to put it in cake and cookies. Specifically this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Both with and without the chocolate.

If you want a really intense review, I recommend rDev’s comment on beer advocate. 

All in all, drink this. I’m going in for the second glass. 🙂

SandyDrank: Phillips Polaris Milk Stout