Tattoos and Judgement

10 Tattoo Cliches to Avoid at Any Cost. 

I saw this Matador Article and it bugged me. Unfortunately comments were closed, but hey, here I have my own personal venue for any comment I want. Yay!

I grew up with parents who absolutely hate tattoos. They still do. My mom constantly will say stuff along the lines of, “Oh, that outfit would look so great but it’s ruined by that tattoo.” For me personally? I’m absolutely terrified of needles so sticking a bunch into me is a no go. I’ve seen some I don’t really get, and some I think are beyond beautiful. My upbringing was shaken when I started travelling for more reasons than tattoos, but I remember one incident… not incident… happening? in especially great detail.

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Tattoos and Judgement

Big-Time Beauty Day!

Whoo! For obvious reasons I’ve been doing a lot of books and travel lately. I think it’s time for some superficial, super fun time! Here’s all the makeup stuff I love that I haven’t talked about yet. Also, if you need a gift for anyone who likes makeup this is your jam.

Just a disclaimer though, I’m not a beautician, makeup artist, or hair stylist. I’m using this based off what works on my slightly acne prone combination skin and fine, drugstore coloured hair.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellaire Water

For those of you who don’t know what micellaire water is welcome to my life before The third time I went to France. Basically, in the 1910’s (Edwardian era? Any history buffs in the house to tell me what the term is?) The Parisian water was super gross. It still remains quite hard, which is amazing for your hair but sadly super bad for your skin. Thus micellaire water was invented. It’s basically tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. Because chemistry is a thing like attracts like and all the oil in your skin wants to party with the oil in the micelles. You pop some on a cotton pad and go to town. This stuff is no rinse, so even if you’re super tired, feeling super lazy, or trying to get to bed after an ill advised attempt to see if tequila doesn’t bother you anymore (spoiler: it does. it always does) you can take your makeup off. And feel hella french, which is always the goal. I used to think you can only get Bioderma brand in France- and I’m quite loyal to it as I find other brands tend to be a bit too oily- but you can totally get it at Shoppers.

Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese

This stuff is another pharmacy in France find that I figured out way to late you can get in Canada. You can get it at Shoppers, and their beauty store Murale, as well as at the Nuxe website. This stuff does have a scent to it, but it fades quick and I love the scent so much. I use it on my face, hair and body. Even though I feel criminally wasteful using stuff this expensive as a body lotion what it does to my skin is so worth it. I have really ashy skin and this just does everything to make it not bad. It also absorbs super quick unlike bio oil, so you don’t have to hang out in a towel for 30 minutes after you put it on. It doesn’t change makeup colours when you use it on your face. It can get super intense if you put it on your hair though. Literally one drop too much and it’s like you swam in a pot of crisco.

Literally anything by Lollipops, specifically this lipstick

Lollipops is a Parisian makeup brand that is breaking my heart with it’s amazingness. I got this at Monoprix. At least I think it’s this one. The red I got looks darker, but it could be some weird computer screen thing. It’s a moisturizing matte, and the colour is a great pretty neutral red. The quality is amazing, it’s long lasting and has amazing colour payoff for a pretty reasonable price. They need them here. Now.

Forea Luna Mini

This is one for people who, like me, love the crap out of exfoliating. I’ve used this for a few months now and it’s almost paid for itself since I don’t buy literally every scrub I see. I had always wanted a clarisonic, but couldn’t justify the cost of the replacement heads all the time. Plus, I’ve heard tons of reports that it’s pretty intense. I have hardy but fair skin that shows redness kind of easily. With this my face feels exfoliated and fresh but never tight or raw. It’s completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower and makes the cheap face wash feel like a million bucks. I tend to use it once or twice a week to deep clean all the gunk out.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

This stuff is amazing. The glitter one is amazing too. I don’t know how I used to do the whole cotton pad thing. Literally just stick your finger in it and voila. Nail polish gone. It also smells pretty alright too. Note: watch for cuts on your fingers. Ouch.

Beauty Blender

I finally broke down and got one. If you haven’t heard of the Beauty Blender before then you’re missing out on life a little bit. It’s a tiny sponge that you saturate with water and use to put on foundation. It doesn’t sop up product the way a sponge or brush does and the result is really dewy and pretty. Highly recommend.

Living Proof Style Extender

I’m obsessed with face primer so when I saw hair primer I got stupid excited. This stuff does exactly what it says it does. My hair doesn’t get dirty as fast, and it’s a godsend in rainy Vancouver. It also smells amazing. Everything you want in a bottle.

The Original Make Up Eraser

You know the scene in Mulan where she takes off her makeup with a towel and it’s just not there and you’re all “I call the most bullshit.” I take that back because she definitely used this towel.

Tangle Teezer

I have fine hair. Every so often I’ll find a little dreadlock in the top of it and I used to wonder if I should just go with it. Then I remember that I just don’t have enough hair for that and spend painful hours with a comb trying to get them out. Enter Tangle Teezer. It’s magic. It plows through knots and you can use it on wet hair. It’s also great for travel because you don’t have to worry about a brush handle breaking off. Trust me, it’s devastating.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

This stuff is amazing for early mornings and late nights. It goes on sheer but you can build up the colour. It’s great if you tend to be really crap at putting on lipstick. Also, I swear, my friends have tried it too and this looks good on everyone.

London Brush Company Debut Brush Set

I got these brushes and IMATS and I’m in love with them. They make makeup better, and they feel amazing on your face. So soft! I also got the brush shampoo and I’m literally growing clary sage so I can smell it all the time.



Big-Time Beauty Day!

Let’s Talk Hands

So lately I’ve been gardening like nothing else. I’m hoping to get tons of herbs and pretend like I’m an old witch women.

Or just sip peppermint tea in a really, really self righteous way. “Oh this?! I grew it. In my garden. That’s why it’s the best tea ever. Yes, Yes. I know.”

I’ve been allotted space for my herbs by the powers that be, but it means a lot of weeding and a lot of turning soil. Putting on garden gloves is so damn easy, but yet do I remember?

It’s like my rugby mouthgaurd all over again.

That is to say I remember eventually.

Unlike my rugby luck, this time some of the damage has taken it’s toll. I rummaged through my drawers and found something I got a long time ago.

I do not remember buying this, but damn I’m happy I did. Go past Sandy! Apparently it’s $12.99.

I made a mistake the first time I tried it and just glopped it on. Let me be clear: This stuff does not absorb quickly. Or at all really…. It kind of coats your hands with wax and makes it so miraculously soft. I can’t really get behind the smell, but it’s worth it for the hands. Also, it makes your nails shiny, which is pretty much what we all want in life.

The trick, I’ve found is light layers but often. I kind of want to try it on my feet with socks before bed.

So, if your hands feel like they want to murder you and have 10 minutes of doing nothing to wait for it to soak in, go for this 100%. Also Burt seems likes a pretty cool guy.

Has anyone else tried this stuff? Could you get it to absorb faster?

Let’s Talk Hands

SandyDrank, SandyPrettied: It was a night

Hello All!

When a friend shows up with wine, well, that’s a friend worth keeping.

This weekend was… boring. So. Much. Schoolwork.

I figured out I can do an event management certificate that earns me credits for my degrees, so there was a ton of phone time for school, and I worked. Also, the mother wanted to put up Christmas decorations (that SandyDrank post is to come because the wine I got is WOW!), and we have to get something for the father. Adam also sent me a gorgeous package with something that was on the customs form as a necklace, but I don’t know details. Saturday night would’ve been great for so many alcohol review possibilities, but alas, everything tasted good that night- whoops.

The point of tonight is a sort of review of the amazingness that is Villa Teresa wine, and part just an update.

Tonight I had the pinot grigio, but my main Villa Teresa experience is with the prosecco, which is amazing. It’s a prosecco that’s not to dry, not to sweet. Just like the pinot grigio. If you have a mix of sweet and dry lovers, these are amaze, and ORGANIC! WHOO!

So, super informal tonight, but I have some nail polish, hair dye, some (real) wine, some beer, jeans, and a pants diy that will change your life.  Also, subscription services.

And more wine. Because wine.

SandyDrank, SandyPrettied: It was a night