Canadian Expack February 2019 Review

When I heard about Expack I got so excited. Don’t get me wrong, Irish food is amazing. The meat and dairy here are unreal. However… you miss the stuff you grew up with.

I signed up for the Canada Demi.


OMG’s Clusters

Definitely the best thing in the box. I got almond and toffee ones. These things are amazing, but I’m going to tell Adam they’re disgusting so I don’t have to share.

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. Classic Shortbread

These are lemon zest shortbread? I’ve never heard of this company, but it looks like they’re Ontario based. I’ve never had these, but like, I’m not going to say no to a shortbread cookie.

Bits & Bites

AKA deliciously seasoned shreddies and cheerios with obstacles.

Old Dutch Chips

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Old Dutch, I just find it strange that in a Canadian box they wouldn’t put ketchup chips. However, the Irish only do “lightly salted” chips and they just aren’t salted enough, so I’m into these.

Fuzzy Peach… x2?

Okay, before we get into this let me be clear: I love fuzzy peach’s. They’re one of my favourite candies. However, I would have preferred one pack of them and a pack of something else.

Overall I’m okay with this expack… I mean, it’s nothing overwhelmingly amazing. I’m super happy about the OMG’s but the two packs of fuzzy peach just confuse me. I’m going to give it another month because, well, I’ve already paid for another month and because this might be a fluke?

Is it a fluke? Did you get one? Is it very different?

Canadian Expack February 2019 Review

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