How (and why) I Make Almond Milk

Dairy substitutes are super popular. We seem to be in this weird time where people love to cut stuff out of their diet. I don’t make almond milk because I’m lactose intolerant, or because I’m waging some type of protest on dairy. The human body is amazingly complicated in its diversity. Dairy works fine for me, so my reason for almond milk isn’t about digestion. No, I make almond milk for one reason only.

My dad drinks straight from the milk bottle and it grosses me out.

I mean, yes, it’s nice for a change and such, but I only make it when I catch him swigging, so there you go.

You can really make this with any nut. I’ve heard macadamia, while expensive, is delicious. I’m thinking of trying walnut, but I like the subtlety of almonds. They don’t overpower.

Start by soaking your almonds overnight. I used one cup of almonds. This makes them easier to blend. Just add enough water to cover.

Then add your strained almonds and water- I used 4 cups- to a blender. and liquefy.

Set up your straining apparatus. You can get special nut bags, but I just use a fine strainer with 4 layers of cheesecloth.

Now, milk is naturally nuanced with a lot of sweetness and saltiness. I always add a bit of salt. Sometimes I’ll add a touch of agave or honey, sometimes a hint of vanilla. It really depends on what I’m using it for.

Now, this isn’t a cheap project. But, if you drink nut milk…. I mean, the ingredients list is insane.

And I know my dad won’t touch it.

How (and why) I Make Almond Milk

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