There’s a lot of weird things going on. I’ve switched to writing full time. We all have a friend that shared that “you don’t quit jobs, you quit managers” meme, and that’s what I had to do, so it’s done.

Now, how does that work with my current blog setup?

Well, what I have now is:

this blog that I’m terrible at updating.

my diy blog that I’m even more terrible at updating.

and random freelance work.

I love this blog. I started it a long while ago and I’ve been trying to get it to just right to start a professional career but the problem is… I don’t want to be professional on here. I love that I can talk politics and be conversational and write short things and not have to worry about SEO crap and i can swear and I can write things like the longest run on sentence ever. It’s kind of gotten to the point where I know I need to write something serious, but I want to write something a little more off topic so I get in this weird shame spiral for wanting to be casual and end up doing nothing.

So, where does that leave me? I’m keeping this blog. I’m attached. However, the direction will change a bit. I’m keeping this as my… not scratchpad, but more journal like. Since I want to be able to work on stuff here while I travel I’ve also decided to not monetize this blog. This entire fruition kind of came out of me trying to figure out if I can actually write an article while in another country on a tourist visa. I basically wanted to know if I needed a work visa if I planned to write things about my trip. Apparently I can do things and be paid to write about the experience later, but I can’t actually do paid writing. By separating the paid from the unpaid I’m giving myself a space to talk about whatever whenever. It’s kind of freeing to know that there’s just space here where I can work out stuff while I’m not working on stuff.

But, things do sometimes need to be refined, and such things will go on my new launch, Third Name Sandy. It’s not nearly even close to done- I’m not sure I’m even keeping the layout… I’m probably not keeping the layout. If you want some refined stuff that’s taken me literal hours to write, stuff that’s more narrative and structured, then be prepared because it’s all coming as soon as I can write it. Which is sooner now because this is going to be my actual, literal job… which is kind of scary as hell.

But still read this! Like I said, I love this blog and I want to update it more now that I have time.



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