Crossing Canada Part 2: The Beginnings of Budget… sort of

I’ve been doing a bit more research. Canada is huge. I mean, obviously it’s the 2nd biggest country in the world. As such, there’s tons of things to do.

Have I mentioned before I hate budgeting? I feel like it kind of ruins the dreaming with pricing and such. The problem is I know how to budget- account for things like hostels and meals, make a per diem rate… there’s many ways. The thing that always gets me is what’s labelled the “entertainment” budget. Museums, festivals, taxi’s if the transit isn’t 24 hours, club covers… do drinks go in the food and drink budget or entertainment?

What I like to do is make a big bumper list of things I’ve seen and researched. Museums and attractions that look amazing, restaurants and clubs I’ve heard about, outdoor excursions… Here are 3 quick tricks I’ve learned with this:

  1. always round up to the nearest $10. Something is $14.50- budget for $20. Prices can always change and they tend not to go down. It’s also way more fun to have more money than less.
  2. Figure out which big budget attractions are worth it to you. I’m going to say it. I’m not a fan of climbing crap. I hate getting midday sweaty, and honestly, the stuff you’re climbing is the stuff you want in the picture you take at the top. I have issues with my ankles, feet, and calves. No matter how wonderful it is for some, it’s not for me.
  3. Don’t get discouraged. I get it. You see the big number and your mind goes “holy crap. I will never be able to afford that.” Remember, the city will be there. You can go back and do things you missed. It’s especially great when you go with people who haven’t been to the place before.

Budgets suck, but it’s the nuts and bolts that make trips possible.

Crossing Canada Part 2: The Beginnings of Budget… sort of

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