Woohoo for big deals!

I’ve been busy. Work has been… work. Adam and I are taking French classes, I learned how to use a drop spindle, I cast on the beekeepers quilt… I’ve been reading a TON for both pleasure and school.

Most importantly I’ve been working on articles that got published on Matador! If you don’t know Matador, you should. I discovered them when I was 18 while slacking off at my first office job. The photo essays are gorgeous and the articles insightful. Block off like 5-8 hours of reading time because it’s a black hole of awesomeness. If you like Vancouver, me, or both definitely  check out 21 Signs You Were Born and Raised in Vancouver  and 22 Signs You Grew Up Drinking in Vancouver. I’m so excited to be a part of a site I’ve fangirled over for years. Some friends and I went to one of our favourite bars the day the first one got published and the bartender literally quoted my article back to me. It was amazing.

I’m also so happy that I’m planning a trip! My flight attendant friend’s sister has never been to Europe, so we’re taking her to London and Paris! I’m beyond excited- 16 days and counting! I’m not prepared at all. I know what books I’m taking and that’s about it.

Basically, I kind of have to get my ish together in 2 weeks.

Woohoo for big deals!

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