A World of Books!

So, I see a lot of reading challenges, and a lot of call for diversified authors. Obviously I have thoughts on that. I tend to read books not knowing who exactly wrote them. I am notorious for picking books by their covers. Cover art, in my defence, is very important. there was an article about it in mental floss about it a few months ago and, quite frankly, it blew my mind a little bit. It started me wondering if maybe I should be more diverse with what I read. I tend to also stay away from reading challenges, but then there’s always room for something new! So, thus begins: 196 countries, 196 books.

I’m giving myself 2 years to read a book by an author from each of the world’s countries. Why 2 years and not one?! Because I work full time, am pursuing an undergrad, am planting an awesome garden, and- most importantly- I want to still love reading after this.

I still don’t know if this challenge can be done. How do I get an author from Vatican City?! I’m not letting this dictate my reading- I still want time to read things like books based on movies I love. So maybe it’s about picking the most amazing books from each country?

I’ll figure it out.

A World of Books!

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