The Little Town Where Time Stood Still – Bohumil Hrabal

I have major packing issues. Mainly that I need a separate suitcase for my books because vacation time is clearly reading time. I remember a trip to Cuba when I was younger. My dad woke up and asked what the schedule was and my Mom and I looked at our books, looked at the beach, and looked at our mojitos. I finished about 4 books that week.

That trip was fine- I was flying to one resort and had one giant suitcase for one week. Backpacking however, …. well, fitting 2-3 seasons of clothes in a backpack is a struggle. There’s just no room for bookish luxuries. Thus my idea on my last trip: tablet. I could have all my books in one convenient place. I forgot to account for the fact that I’m notoriously awful at charging electronics. And breaking electronics. I lasted until the bus ride out of Prague. My first order of business in Cesky Krumlov was finding a bookstore that sold books in English. Upon further inspection there is ONE bookstore in Krumlov, and it had an English shelf, though I had never heard of any of the books. Upon further reflection that’s because they were all Czech authors. I picked one that had a nice cover: “The Little Town Where Time Stood Still”.

The book is two linked novellas, one about a women who scandalizes the town with her colourful behaviour, and the second… I can’t give away without giving away some of the first. Also, you can amazon/goodreads/chapters for a synopsis that is about a thousand times better written than I could even attempt.

I spent the first novella- “Cutting it Short” thinking “Seriously, what the ef am I reading?” Until the last paragraph, where I was just like, “woah.” I read it over a year ago and it’s still on my mind. If you’re going to the Czech Republic, or just want a book that pairs perfectly with a pilsner then get it.

And drink more pilsner.


The Little Town Where Time Stood Still – Bohumil Hrabal