So…. hows things?!

I have never recalled a busier time.

I know I say that all the time but….

I went to Australia, all of that to come. Including my favourite story…..



Basically, what you’re looking at is me petting a platypus. So clearly, I win at all life ever.


What else is going on? School is….. I definitely haven’t had the commitment to learning Spanish I should have. Nada. (after I typed that I realized it was Spanish and got weirdly proud of myself…)

So, what does one do when they’re so busy that their part time job and school seem like a full plate?


on the plus side, this is giving me money to take trips, and sew, and knit. So, wish me luck, and wait eagerly because that’s a damn platypus.

So…. hows things?!

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