Let’s Talk Hands

So lately I’ve been gardening like nothing else. I’m hoping to get tons of herbs and pretend like I’m an old witch women.

Or just sip peppermint tea in a really, really self righteous way. “Oh this?! I grew it. In my garden. That’s why it’s the best tea ever. Yes, Yes. I know.”

I’ve been allotted space for my herbs by the powers that be, but it means a lot of weeding and a lot of turning soil. Putting on garden gloves is so damn easy, but yet do I remember?

It’s like my rugby mouthgaurd all over again.

That is to say I remember eventually.

Unlike my rugby luck, this time some of the damage has taken it’s toll. I rummaged through my drawers and found something I got a long time ago.


I do not remember buying this, but damn I’m happy I did. Go past Sandy! Apparently it’s $12.99.

I made a mistake the first time I tried it and just glopped it on. Let me be clear: This stuff does not absorb quickly. Or at all really…. It kind of coats your hands with wax and makes it so miraculously soft. I can’t really get behind the smell, but it’s worth it for the hands. Also, it makes your nails shiny, which is pretty much what we all want in life.

The trick, I’ve found is light layers but often. I kind of want to try it on my feet with socks before bed.

So, if your hands feel like they want to murder you and have 10 minutes of doing nothing to wait for it to soak in, go for this 100%. Also Burt seems likes a pretty cool guy.

Has anyone else tried this stuff? Could you get it to absorb faster?

Let’s Talk Hands

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