SandyDrank, SandyPrettied: It was a night

Hello All!

When a friend shows up with wine, well, that’s a friend worth keeping.

This weekend was… boring. So. Much. Schoolwork.

I figured out I can do an event management certificate that earns me credits for my degrees, so there was a ton of phone time for school, and I worked. Also, the mother wanted to put up Christmas decorations (that SandyDrank post is to come because the wine I got is WOW!), and we have to get something for the father. Adam also sent me a gorgeous package with something that was on the customs form as a necklace, but I don’t know details. Saturday night would’ve been great for so many alcohol review possibilities, but alas, everything tasted good that night- whoops.

The point of tonight is a sort of review of the amazingness that is Villa Teresa wine, and part just an update.

Tonight I had the pinot grigio, but my main Villa Teresa experience is with the prosecco, which is amazing. It’s a prosecco that’s not to dry, not to sweet. Just like the pinot grigio. If you have a mix of sweet and dry lovers, these are amaze, and ORGANIC! WHOO!

So, super informal tonight, but I have some nail polish, hair dye, some (real) wine, some beer, jeans, and a pants diy that will change your life.  Also, subscription services.

And more wine. Because wine.

SandyDrank, SandyPrettied: It was a night

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