SandyIs: An Introduction



My name is Sandy and I’m a 24 year old student in Vancouver, B.C. I work part time in the liquor industry. People keep asking me stuff, so I’m going to document my life.

Really, everything I say here will make me sound like a narcissistic.

So, instead of rambling on about myself, here’s three things I love, and why I love them.

1) Travel.

I went full on tourist.


Travel is and always my number one passion. There I am at twenty in Rome. I’ve always traveled- as a kid I went to the States a lot and did Cuba and the Bahama’s. When I was eighteen my parents asked what I wanted for a grad gift, and I chose an amazing tour that took me all around Europe. I went back to Europe through a study abroad program when I was twenty, and learned all about art history. Two years later I started my first year working as an English tutor for a company that runs English immersion summer camps in Italy. I spent that summer, and last summer working for them. I love Europe, but the only place I really want to go is everywhere. You’ll hear tons about my adventures.

2) DIY

Double spray paint action is the quickest way to achieve badassity.


I love to make things, especially clothes. After I graduated I had a brief stint in fashion school. While I don’t want to work in the industry- cattiness ain’t my style, I love to make clothes. I love to paint, sew, cook, anything. Many of my attempts are unsuccessful, but sometimes you have two bottles of spray paint in your hand and your friends corpse bride Halloween costume turns out beyond amazing.

3) The Good Times!

We think we took this in celebration of me cutting my own bangs.

I like to party. I don’t deny this. When my parents asked me what I wanted for my nineteenth birthday (legal age in BC) I said a bartending class. I love to make drinks, I love to drink drinks, I love to dance…. Not that the only fun I have is drinking. I love taking classes in stuff. I love learning new things and just having fun.

Why do I love these things? What do I learn from them? Tons. I love anything that gives my mind time to think (intense travel situations, sewing blunders, baking), and time to relax (parasailing, just having a glass of damn good wine).

Wine is wine. There’s no judgement here.



SandyIs: An Introduction

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